Theirworld 'WakaWaka' solar power bank and solar flashlight

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The WakaWaka Power+ is a powerful, compact solar power bank and flashlight for every outdoor situation. 

Battery: 3000 mAh, High Temperature LiPo

Solar panel:1050 mWatt 22% Sunpower cell

Connectors: Micro USB-in (>0.5 A) & USB-out (>2.1 A)

LED: 2 LEDs, 110 lumen/Watt

Max light output: >70 Lumen

Indicators: 4 battery indicators, 1 solar charge indicator, 1 USB charge indicator

Power management: Patented Intivation SunBoost chip

Housing: 100% recycled PC-ABS, high impact resistant, flexible

Positioning: Table top, on a bottle, hanging from the ceiling

Dimensions: 121 x 17 x 78 mm

Weight~ 200 grams

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